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Career Coaching Berlin

There are periods in everybody’s work life where you think about changing your direction or ask yourself if the way so far is really the right one.

Our Career Coaching can help you with the following questions:

  • You feel the growing desire to change something and want to take the right next step.
  • Your previous efforts of job search were not satisfactory and you want to improve your application process.
  • External circumstances, like sudden notice or the possible loss of a job, are forcing you to take the next step.
  • Changing situations within your employer are seeking a decision.
  • Your personal values are no longer in balance with the vales of your employer and you are looking for a useful and fulfilling task.

Profile Coaching - Who am I, what am I good at?

Do you want to explore your own skills and competences? Do you want to clarify in which direction your career should go?

Application Consulting - How to apply correctly?

Are you looking for a new job and do you want to find more suitable job offers? Do you want to optimize your application documents or train for job interviews?

Jobcoaching Berlin - How to find the right job in Berlin?

Are you new or since a shorter period of time in Berlin and job search is not so easy for you? Do you want to get tips and tricks for a successful job hunt in Berlin?

Social Media Profile - Your perfect appearance in Social Media

Which Social Media channels make sense for me? How do I best present myself there? And how do I use these channels for my individual needs?

We offer a professional career coaching for following target groups:

  • You have completed an education or university degree and are looking for the first job.
  • You are already for a longer time in employment and want to change your position.
  • You are looking for a re-entry after a work break, like sabbatical, parental leave, unemployment etc.
  • You are new in Berlin or planning to move to Berlin.
  • You want to change from employment to self-employment or vice versa.

Reorientation, job change or re-entry are important turning points in a work life. We are delighted to accompany you in your professional change process and help you with the development of realistic career steps. Ms. Rödel is certified career coach, combines scientific with innovative and creative methods and has longterm experience as headhunter and job coach.

But the most important: allow us to advice you. Get your free and non-binding first consultation. We are happy to clarify your request together with you!

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