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Rödel Personalberatung
und Karriereberatung
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The theme Inplacement and Employee Retention is a major challenge for all those responsible. Facing it professionally and with the necessary experience, it not only releases a learning process for the entire team, but can also offer growth in productivity and improvement in efficiency.

When an applicant is determined and contracts have been signed, an important phase begins: the incorporation and integration of the employee into the company. The so-called Inplacement or Onboarding is of particular importance for both sides: If Inplacement is a success, it usually is a guarantee for a long-term commitment of the new employee to the company. We are happy to help you with all our experience to make this process as productive as possible. In addition to recruitment we are pleased to accompany you as HR Coaches for the new employee.

Our Inplacement Program extends normally over the first six months of a new commitment. We can offer following services a.o.:

  • Profile Coaching (Working Style, Values, Strengths, Competences & Goals)
  • Elaboration of goals for the new position
  • Discussion of career goals and career possibilities
  • Collection of further training needs and wishes
  • Structured interviews with the new employee, his/her supervisor and the team
  • Implementation of feedback processes
  • Neutral partner for the induction phase
  • Coaching and mentoring of possible conflicts

If you not only recruit new employees but also accompany them with an additional and individual career coaching, it shows appreciation that will have a sustainable positive effect. It is a good basis for longterm corporation, if the new employee has clarity about what is expected of him and how he can develop in the company as well as the corporation is clear about the competences, development themes and requirements of a new employee. Conflicts and wrong expectations might be avoided beforehand and the result is a higher contentment for all parties.

Through our Inplacement Program you can protect yourself from high costs, which can cause a lack of socialization of new employees: Corresponding risks of demotivation and the reduction of productivity are reduced to a minimum. We make sure that everyone involved in the process communicates honestly, taking responsibility and dealing fairly with one another.

We are delighted to propose an individual offer tailored to your company and support you as an external mentor.