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Follow your path! Career Coaching, Application Coaching & Potential Development

Would you like to design your professional life in a way that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly? Would you like to develop your potential and take the next step in your career full of self-confidence and strength? Or are you faced with the challenge of finding a new and fulfilling job?

Our Career Coaching in Berlin and online can help you with the following questions:

  • You are feeling unfulfilled in your current job and are yearning for change.
  • You aspire to fully leverage your talents and strenghts while consciously shaping your career path.
  • Your previous job search efforts have not been successful and you are looking for support in your job search strategy and application process.
  • You are planning your next career moove and seeking competent guidance along this way..

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Why you have come to the right place

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As a certified career coach (Triadic Career Counseling ®), I blend scientific methodologies with innovative and creative approaches, drawing from my extensive experience as a recruiter and headhunter. I understand precisely what emloyers value and assit you in presenting yourself optimally - both in analog and digital realms.

My passion lies in self-discovery and guiding individuals towards success and satisfaction. Utilizing proven tools and methods, I accompany you on the journey to your authentic self, helping you reclaim your power and achieve your goals.

In my career coaching, your personal development takes center stage. Together, we craft intelligent decisions for your professional future, ensuring that your career aligns with your values and needs. Because each person has their own story and unique circumstances, so "making a career" means something different for everyone.

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What our clients say:

Our consulting packages

Deep Dive Career Coaching - Flow for your professional future

Are you looking to reorient your professional life and create a career that aligns with yourself? Do you want to overcome obstacles and confidently pursue your next steps?

Go to Deep Dive


Application Coaching - The art of job hunting

Are you looking for a new career opportunity that aligns with your skills and interests? Do you need professional help with your application documents or interview preparation?

Go to Application Coaching

In our career coaching sessions, you will:

  • Develop your professional positioning and clear profile to strategically leverage your strenghts.
  • Embrace your uniqueness and devise strategies to achieve your career goals.
  • Cultivate confidence and utilize tools to overcome obstacles along your path.
  • Receive practical tips for job hunting and applications to quickly secure the ideal position.
  • Gain clarity regarding your ideal work environemnt and your future career path.

Periods of stagnation in your career are opportunities for personal growth and realignment. Take this time for yourself, as it will strengthen you and lead to renewed energy and clarity.

Wheter you're seeking a new direction, planning a job transition, or returning to work after a break, we're here to support you through these pivotal moments in your professional life, guiding you toward new career perspectives. Our career consultancy and coaching services can help you confidently take the next step toward your specific and fitting career goals. We offer our career coaching services in Berlin and online, or in a hybrid format.

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Whether it is clarifying your career path, the personal branding in your application documents and your social media profiles, the training for a confident appearance in job interviews or the sharpening of a clear professional positioning. With a professional by your side, you can find your way into a fulfilling job or a new perspective faster and more safely. We are happy to help you!

We can help the following target groups with our career and application coaching:

  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching for Professionals
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching for Executives
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching for Akademics
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching für Young Professionals
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching for Engineers
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching für Students & Graduates

We can offer our career and application coaching in following regions:

  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Berlin (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Hamburg (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Leipzig (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Dresden (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Augsburg (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Munich (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Hannover (hybrid)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Stuttgart (online)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Frankfurt (online)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Cologne (online)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching Germany, Austria and Switzerland (online)
  • Career Coaching & Application Coaching worldwide (online)

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