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Application Coaching - Successful positioning, authentic application

Are you wondering if your application documents convey the ideal impression? Are you uncertain about which job offers and companies align best with your profile? Do you want to ensure that you present yourself confidently in your upcoming job interviews?

Our Commitment

Together, we can achieve your career goals! Drawing from our extensive experience in recruiting for companies, we are here to provide you with the best possible support in presenting yourself. Collaboratively, we will develop a tailored professional positioning and application strategy that aligns with your unique objectives.

We assist you in identifying job opportunities that align perfectly with your professional journey and guide you in creating application materials that impress both HR and specialized departments.

With our expertise in conducting job interviews, we are well-versed in the do's and don'ts. This allows us to prepare you effectively for the crucial questions that arise.

We can offer you the following packages:

Next Level CV

CV Optimization
  • CV Analysis in German and English
  • Optimization or recreation of your CV
  • Editing the new version until it is perfect
  • Personal 1:1 support from Heike
Investment: 345 € inkl. VAT (if you live in germany)
Includes: 2 Zoom-Sessions and another 2 weeks support for completing the CV
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Application Basic

Simply hired
  • CV analysis & optimization
  • Professional composing of customized cover letters
  • Check of certificates & references
  • Optimization of your social media profiles
  • Your personal job search strategy
  • Personalized 1:1 guidance
Investment: 690 € incl. VAT (if you live in germany)
Includes: 6 week programme with 3 individual zoom sessions & personal support
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Application Plus

The art of jobhunting
  • All contents of the package Application Basic
  • Strategic guidance on jobsearch, matching of suitable positions, companies, and salaries
  • Assessment of competences, strenghts and softskills
  • Developing your career profile and your perfect professional postioning
  • Interview training for successful job interviews
  • Individual 1:1 coaching for your application phase
Investment: 1.250 € incl. VAT (if you live in germany)
Includes: 12 week programme with 6 individual zoom sessions & personal support
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Installments on request. Low-paid and graduates get a reduction on request. The costs of career coaching are tax deductible as income-related expenses.

Results of Our Application Coaching:

  • Strategic Self-Branding: You position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Individual Application Documents: You develop authentic documents that reflect your personality.
  • Professional Social Media Presence: You impress with clarity in your social media profiles.
  • Targeted Job Search: You apply only to suitable job offers and avoid panic actions.
  • Alternative Application Strategies: You think beyond the conventional approach.
  • Confident Performance in Interviews: You exude confidence and authenticity in job interviews.
  • Successful Salary Negotiations: You negotiate a salary that matches your value and values.

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About us

Portrait von Heike Rödel vor Berliner Skyline

Heike Rödel is an experienced recruiter and headhunter, as well as a certified career consultant (Triadic Career Counseling ®). She combines a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach with scientific and innovative methods. She places special emphasis on the individuality of each person and is capable of quickly grasping a person's strengths and profile. With her extensive experience, she views resumes and social media profiles through the lens of recruiting, knowing what matters in the application process.

In my career coaching, I guide you purposefully on the path to a new job that aligns perfectly with you. I assist you in making wise decisions about the future direction of your professional career, ensuring that your career becomes enjoyable and fulfilling once again.

My job application coaching can assist you with the following aspects:

  • Strategic Preparation: Through job application coaching, you will develop a clear and effective strategy for the entire application process. We will support you in creating impactful application documents and preparing you optimally for interviews and assessment centers.

  • Individual Consultation: We work closely with you to understand your skills, experiences, and goals. Based on this foundation, we develop customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence: The application process can be challenging and impact your self-confidence. In our job application coaching, we strengthen your self-confidence by providing targeted preparation and feedback. This will enhance your assurance and enable you to approach future application situations with confidence.

  • Enhanced Application Documents: We assist you in creating professional application documents that effectively showcase your potential. Together, we revise your resume, cover letter, and other relevant documents to leave a positive impression on potential employers.

  • Effective Interview Preparation: Interviews are crucial in the application process. In our job application coaching, we prepare you specifically for these situations. We enhance your communication skills and practice answering difficult questions together, ensuring that you are well-prepared and confident in interviews.

  • Career Planning and Development: Our job application coaching goes beyond the application process itself. We also support you in strategic career planning and development. Together, we define career goals, identify your potential, and explore opportunities for personal growth.

Let's start the conversation! I'm here to support you in your professional journey and assist you in finding your next suitable opportunity. Together, we'll set the course for your successful career!

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Following contents are part of our application coaching programmes:

  • Personality diagnostics: elaboration of your soft-skills (strenghts, motives, competencies)
  • Individual templates for CV & Cover letter in english & german
  • Check of certificates & references
  • Optimization of social media profiles
  • Self-Branding: elaboration of USPs & your unique profile
  • Analysis of job ads
  • Analysis of your professional goals & the suitable work environment
  • Composing & editing of (spontanous) applications
  • Training of job interviews
  • Salary research & tips for salary negotiations
  • Research of headhunters