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Deep Dive Career Coaching - Career from inside out

Career coaching meets Human Design. Do you want more fulfillment in your professional life and a career that feels just right? Do you want to develop your potential and energies and make decisions that suit you? In order to come into your own strength, it is good if you know your very own being and talents.

We all have our challenges and individual learning areas. In order to accept yourself, to gain clarity about your own path in life and to define goals in harmony with yourself, it is advisable to dive deeply into your own personality. If you make yourself aware of the imprints from the past and your own decisions, as well as clarify questions about the personal meaning of life, you can live according to your inner compass, which will guide you through the rest of your life.

You can then make a conscious decision, e.g. for a job that is really enjoyable or more time for family, friends or hobbies. Perhaps also to change the professional field once again and do something that better suits your skills and talents.

I provide you the powerful tool of Human Design to embark on a journey to yourself. All my experience from many years of personnel consulting and coaching is incorporated. We always proceed pragmatically, because the tool should serve to better understand and master very specific questions and challenges in everyday life. It should help you (re)gain your strength, gain clarity about yourself and your individual path in life, and thus take the next step in your career with confidence.

You will find out:

  • which individual mixture of personal assets and talents you have come with
  • what you need to be happy and fulfilled
  • what really motivates you
  • how to make correct and authentic decisions and
  • how to achieve a healthy balance between your needs and your environment

In this way you are strengthened for the further path both in your work and in life.

We can offer you the following packages:

Deep Dive Career Coaching basic - Your individual Career Design

Unleash your potential and work with joy.
  • Your unique personality structure based on the Human Design System
  • Your talents, competencies and what kind of work suits you best
  • Your decision making wisdom and the next steps in your professional life
  • Coaching for your current topic and strategies to deal with them
Price: 590 € incl. 19% VAT (if you live in germany)
2 Month Programme with 3 Individual Sessions
Individual Support and Coaching during the whole period
Arrange a free initial consultation!

Deep Dive Career Coaching advanced - Master the further (career) path

Discover your true essence and bring a little magic into your career.
  • Your individual personality structure, your competencies and talents based on the Human Design System
  • Your suitable working environment and how you work best.
  • Dealing with stress and your ideal work-life balance
  • Coaching on individual topics and fields of action in your everyday life
  • Mindset & consciousness work and realizable visions for your future
Price: 1150 € incl. 19% VAT (if you live in germany)
4 Month Programme with 5-6 Individual Sessions
1:1 Mentoring & Individual Support during the whole period
Arrange a free initial consultation!

The exact contents and goals of the coaching will be agreed with you in advance in a briefing. Low-paid, umemployed and graduates get a reduction on request. The costs of career coaching are tax deductible as income-related expenses.

Human Design is a revolutionary method of personality analysis based on the integration of four ancient wisdom teachings. It emphasizes the individual characteristics and abilities of a person and pursues the goal that every person empathizes with their true nature and can fully develop their own potential. With the help of special software programs, a so-called "design diagram" is created from a person's birth data, which contains important information about the personality, individual strengths and weaknesses, career choices and relationships of a person. This diagram serves as a basis for individual consultations and coaching sessions in which people are supported in self-discovery and personality development.

If you would like to know more about Human Design and how it can help you with self-discovery and personal development, do not hesitate to contact us. I am at your disposal and will be happy to answer your questions.