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Deep Dive Career Coaching - Clarity for your professional future

Are you striving for fulfillment in your career and a path that feels right? Do you want to unleash your potential and energies, making a meaningful contribution? Are you eager to be well-equipped for your career journey and navigate your career with confidence?

We all have individual opportunities and challenges for growth. The Deep Dive Career Coaching helps you establish a strong internal foundation – clarity about your identity and life goals. Develop your inner compass to make conscious decisions for a fulfilling job or a career change. Dive into your professional future with us – whether in Berlin or online. Together, we define your path and create a career that aligns with your strengths and ambitions.

In our Deep Dive Career Coaching, we explore:

  • Your authentic identity: Recognize your unique talents and qualities.
  • Your distinctive profile: Discover your specific competencies and strengths.
  • Your intrinsic motivation: Understand your inner driving force and personal values.
  • Your goals and visions: Make clear decisions and shape your professional future.
  • Your preferred working style: Find jobs, companies, and work environments that suit you. Or start self-employment.
  • Your perfect outward representation: Create compelling application materials and social media profiles that showcase you effectively.

Our Deep Dive Career Coaching enables you to explore these crucial aspects and develop a tailored career strategy that leads you to professional success and fulfillment.

We can offer you the following package:

Deep Dive Career Coaching

Unfold your further career path with inner clarity.
  • Assessment of your previous career journey.
  • Comprehensive personality and potential analysis.
  • Vision for your future professional development.
  • Your optimal working style and environment.
  • Refinement of your self-branding: application documents and social media presence.
  • Mindset, awareness & work-life balance: Emphasis on sustainable professional success.
  • Personal coaching to bring your plans to fruition.
Investment: 2.490 € incl. VAT (if you live in germany)
Includes: 6 thematic coaching sessions, individual 1:1 guidance, and prompt, flexible support.
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We are also happy to create a customized package for you. Low-paid and graduates get a reduction on request. The costs of career coaching are tax deductible as income-related expenses.

From the following contents, we can tailor a suitable package for you:

  • Personality diagnostics: Analysis of your soft skills (strengths, motives, competencies) and identification of your unique selling points
  • Human Design coaching for professional and personal matters
  • Identification of suitable fields of activity, professions, and further education
  • Analysis of your career so far and development of your career goals
  • Advancement of your career and targeted progress: better position, higher salary, more suitable environment
  • Design of your optimal work environment and your ideal job profile
  • Support in overcoming fears and obstacles in your next steps
  • Coaching for successful career reorientation
  • Self-branding: Creating compelling application documents and impressive social media presence
  • Training for job interviews and salary negotiations
  • Guidance into self-employment

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To unleash your full power, it's crucial to recognize and understand your unique essence, strengths, and talents. Let's embark on this journey together and let me assist you in uncovering your true calling.

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About me

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Heike Rödel has been an experienced Recruiter and Headhunter since 2009, and she is also a certified Career Consultant (Triadic Career Counseling ®). She blends a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach with scientific and innovative methods. Emphasizing individuality, she can quickly discern strengths and profiles, equipped with powerful tools to see you in your true magnificence. With her years of experience, she can guide you individually and empathetically through your professional realignment.

In my Deep Dive Coaching, I accompany you on a journey from your inner self to your career goal. Together, we make wise decisions regarding your professional future to transform your career into something enjoyable and fulfilling.

My Deep Dive Career Coaching assists you with the following aspects:

  • Customized Guidance: We comprehensively capture and understand your skills, experiences, and goals. Based on this, we craft a personalized coaching program tailored precisely to your needs.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence: Through our coaching, we deliberately enhance your self-confidence by providing comprehensive support and valuable feedback. This fosters assurance, enabling you to achieve your goals more swiftly.

  • Career Planning and Development: Our Deep Dive Career Coaching aids you in self-discovery and making informed decisions about your professional future. We also support you in strategic career planning and development. Together, we define career objectives, identify your potentials, and explore avenues for your personal growth.

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