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Holistic Career Coaching - Your individual Work & Life Design

Everyone is born with a unique personality; talents and strengths are already evident in early childhood. Often, however, we have been influenced and conditioned by our environment and do not live according to our individual design.

In order to accept yourself, to gain clarity about your own path in life and to define goals in harmony with yourself, it is advisable to dive deeply into your own personality. Both psychological factors such as ways of thinking, values and motives, knowledge of one's own biography and influences from the past as well as the spiritual dimension of life's issues and meaning of life play a role.

We provide you with powerful instruments to embark on a journey to yourself and with what we believe to be the most effective personal development tools as well as our long-year experience in personnel consulting and coaching.

You will find out:

  • what individual mix of personal abilities, skills and talents you have
  • what values guide you in life and what motivates you
  • which type of career and work environment fits best to you
  • how to best interact with your environment and where there is potential for conflicts
  • on what basis you ideally make decisions and
  • how you get a good balance of work and life and avoid burn-out

In this way you are strengthened for the further path both in your work and in life.

We can offer you the following packages:

Holistic Career Coaching light - Human Design Analysis

Analysis und 1 session (personal or virtual)
Individual support and follow-up
  • Your Human Design Chart: type, strategy, authority and profile
  • Your decision-making wisdom and your role in life
  • Your challenges and conditioning
  • The energy flow in your chart
  • Elaboration of further topics and fields of action
Price: 240,- € plus VAT
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Holistic Career Coaching premium - Your comprehensive Design

3 Month Programme with 3 live sessions (personal or virtual)
Individual support and follow-up
  • Human Design Analysis: your talents, energy and decision making wisdom
  • Your biography, imprints from the past, elaboration of life topics
  • Your personality, your talents, strenghts and competences
  • Options, goals and strategies for the future
Price: 590,- € plus VAT
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The content of the packages will be coordinated with you. Individual packages are possible. Low-paid and graduates get a reduction on request.