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Advertising Service

The advertisement based search for qualified staff is for both small and large companies often a considerable amount of effort. The resources that are necessary for the creation of an advertisement, its insertion, and the subsequent evaluation is still often underestimated.

We want you to concentrate on the really important things. Therefore, we take care of much of this process: As part of the ad-based search, we will take care not only of the text and design of your job, but also suggest suitable online and print platforms and insert your ads. We offer to insert on behalf of our clients, or under our own company logo, the latter may be particularly useful for sensitive recruitment projects.

As to the subsequent steps to be taken, we are present for you: We will check the incoming applications, and create a shortlist of suitable candidates. As part of the Applicant Management we will take care of communicating with applicants and we can take over administration and database maintenance.

If necessary, we support our customers with Interview Guidance. Starting with telephone interviews we can filter the best candidates from the many incoming applications. Conducting face-to-face interviews is also part of our offerings.

Each ad-based recruitment has its own individual requirements, so planning the right strategy is the beginning of a successful collaboration. What are your needs? We look forward to your recruitment projects!