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Applicant Management

Effective Application Management is more important today than ever: thanks to the multiposting and wide spread of job ads, hundreds of applications for one single vacancy are no longer a rarity. Of course, a high number of applicants remain a positive signal: It speaks both to the reputation of the issuing company, as well as a favorable job market.

However, a very systematic approach is required in order to filter suitable candidates out of the many applicants. The Rödel Recruitment Agency has an excellent know-how in the field of Applicant Management, which is based on almost 15 years of recruiting experience. We work fast, transparent, and always up to the highest quality standards.

We like to work with your in-house applicant management system and maintain the applicant data for you. We take care of a professional communication flow, including confirmation and rejection, initial contact with applicants and review of application documents.

If necessary, we also take on the pre-qualification within the framework of initial interviews and document the results for you so that your recruiting effort is as minimal as possible.