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Building the future of your employees with Rödel Personalberatung

Employees are the heart of every company. Their motivation, commitment and expertise are the key to success. Professional career planning and internal career development are therefore essential to unlocking the potential of your employees and achieving your company's goals at the same time.

Rödel Personalberatung supports you in coaching and developing your specialists and managers, and also, if necessary, in professional outplacement coaching.

For your employees:

  • Clarity and orientation: We help your employees to identify their strengths and interests and to define their professional goals.
  • Individual support: With a tailor-made development program, we support them in reaching their full potential and achieving their career goals.
  • Motivation and satisfaction: An appreciative and supportive corporate culture that focuses on individual needs increases the motivation and satisfaction of your employees.

For your company:

  • More success: By specifically promoting your employees, you secure access to qualified specialists and managers and increase the performance of your company.
  • Reduced turnover: An attractive career development program binds your employees to your company in the long term and reduces the costs of fluctuation.
  • Improved employer branding: A company that cares about the development of its employees is an attractive employer and can score points in the competition for the best talents.

Outplacement Coaching for a professional separation process

For various reasons, it may be necessary for you to separate from employees, be it due to restructuring, the closure of branches or departments, or simply because you no longer fit together. In order to make this process as pleasant as possible for both sides, we offer professional outplacement coaching.

Advantages of Outplacement Coaching:

  • Fair and respectful processes: We ensure that separations are fair and respectful and that the needs of all parties involved are taken into account.
  • Positive signal: A professional approach to separations shows that your company values and takes responsibility for its employees.
  • New perspectives: In outplacement coaching, we work out new job perspectives and accompany you as mentors into a suitable new position.

The following services can be offered in outplacement coaching:

  • Individual career counseling and career planning
  • Application advice: Job search, creation and design of application documents & social media profiles
  • Personality analyses and creation of an individual competence and career profile
  • Contacting and tips on dealing with headhunters
  • Advice on setting up a self-employment

We are happy to offer our many years of experience in both recruiting and career counseling to companies in order to accompany the separation process of employees, to coach them and to accompany them into a new position, whether employed or self-employed.

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Career development for your professionals and executives

Invest in the future of your employees and your company. Our structured career development program illuminates the previous career of your specialists and managers and identifies the optimal career path based on individual competencies and personality traits. We support you in identifying strengths and potentials, preparing for future career steps and planning the long-term development in your company.

Development of career plans

In collaboration with you, we create clear and achievable career and development paths that align with your employees' professional aspirations and the company's objectives.

Feedback processes

We integrate structured feedback processes that enable transparent communication between the individual wishes and needs of employees and the opportunities available within the company. Through this open dialogue, a platform is created where long-term career planning for employees is possible.

Leadership competencies

We identify training and development needs to develop the skills and qualifications required for the desired career path. Leadership skills and leadership experience are reflected upon, and a decision is made whether a leadership career is the best and most desirable career path.

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Increase employee satisfaction and commitment through targeted career planning and potential development.

Strategic Career Development with our FUNICULAR Program

The FUNICULAR program is designed to specifically develop your employees and prepare them for successful career steps within the company. Through a careful combination of analysis, coaching, and mentoring, we create a sustainable foundation for individual professional development.

Process of the FUNICULAR Program

Structured Individual Coaching: 6 weeks with 1 coaching session per week, 6 modules including audio units, worksheets, and workbook, weekly 1:1 individual sessions for personal success.

Mentoring and Realisation Phase: 3 months of support for the practical implementation of goals. Sustainable results through long-term support and feedback loops between participants and companies for real effects.

Flexible Time Management: Easy to implement alongside regular working hours, 1-3 hours of time investment per week for sustainable results, long-term accessible online content.

What is included in FUNICULAR?


  • Potential Analysis: Reflection on your previous career, creation of a competency profile and ideal professional positioning.
  • Personality Analysis: Detailed analysis of a person's personality, strengths, weaknesses, competencies and motivation.
  • Derivation of Career Paths: Identification of possible career paths in alignment with the career options within the company.
  • Preparation for the Next Career Step: Coaching, mentoring and, if necessary, further training for optimal preparation for the further career within the company.
  • Mentoring and Implementation Support: Practical support and goal achievement during the implementation phase for sustainable goal achievement.


Sustainability and Long-Term Impact

Based on scientific methods and a proven system that has already been successfully used with numerous clients. It brings real and profitable results.

Individual 1:1 Program

Not a standardized workshop, the program can be flexibly adapted to each company and each employee due to the individual support.

Strengthening Self-Awareness

Increases the self-esteem and self-reflection of the participants, avoids inappropriate career goals and job frustration.

Improved Team Perception

Increased perception in the team and towards superiors, more respect and a role model in the company.

The FUNICULAR program is more than just a professional coaching. It is a systematic journey to develop your specialists and managers. Contact us for further information and let us shape the future of your employees and your company together.

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Advantages of the FUNICULAR Program

  • Your employees appear more authentic and self-confident.
  • Your employees are prepared for leadership roles or can reflect on existing leadership positions.
  • You avoid wrong decisions and frustration among your employees.
  • Employees reflect their needs and expectations into the organization and you can react to them.
  • The productivity, motivation and satisfaction of the employees is increased.
  • Employees feel valued and get a long-term perspective.
  • Employees can be deployed sinnvoll.