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Executive Search - Your Headhunter

As part of the Executive Search, we support our customers as a headhunter, both in terms of market research and creating a list of target companies, as well as identification and approach of suitable candidates.

The classic way of ad-based search does often not lead to most suitable member of staff. This is especially true if the recruiting efforts aimed for specialists in a niche segment of the market or for middle and higher management, in these cases a discrete and professional direct search is often indispensable.

We also realize subprojects on a regular basis: if you maybe already have some contacts that would like to inform discreetly about a new challenge, we also deal with or Ident or Approach of candidates.

If required, we continue to work beyond research and direct approach with our customers: following the course of the project we consult you internally or externally with Interview Guidance, Applicant Management and Personnel Assessment.

Your advantages with Rödel Recruitment Agency at a glance:

  • Interesting pricing structure - cheaper than the big agencies
  • Individual approach to your case - no mass processing
  • Fast and professional implementation - thanks to many years of experience

Are you looking for a high potential or an experienced executive for a vacant position? We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your search assignments!

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We are specialised in the following areas:

  • Headhunter Specialists and Executives
  • Headhunter Engineers
  • Headhunter Industry & Production
  • Headhunter Life Science, Pharma & Healthcare
  • Headhunter Sales, Marketing, Consulting
  • Headhunter E-Commerce & Retail
  • Headhunter Non-Profit