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Personnel Assessment

Personnel assessment is an essential tool for sustainable HR development. We not only assist you in designing strategic recruitment measures, but are also your partner in Personnel and Leadership Development.

Diagnostic procedures for the selection of personnel is as important as strategic Recruitment and professionally guided interviews. It is the dilemma of every job interview: It is rarely possible to detect all patterns of behavior and preferences of your vis-a-vis in a first interview. Modern diagnostic personnel assessment tool provides a good amendment to the classic job interview, they are helpful for the recruitment of high-qualified staff as well as for personnel and leadership development.

We are operating with the LINC Personality Profiler, which is based on the scientific approved model of the Big Five and is integrating new insights of the last decades of personality psychology. The modern online tool evaluates the individual character qualities, motives and personal competences.

Based on a detailed online report and a development interview we discuss the results and elaborate action plans. Its is likewise possible to get a 360-degree feedback to integrate valuable external perspectives.

We can support you in following areas with our diagnostic tools:

  • Personnel Selection

    Behind every staff replacement is a complex recruitment process: after applicants have successfully been attracted and first interviews conducted, a decision based on solid information has to be made.

    To avoid wrong decisions it is helpful to create a specific job profile in the beginning of a recruitment project and to define the skills an ideal candidate should have. A briefing about the significant functional and personal skills should be done with all involved parties. Within a professional Employee-Job-Analysis important skills and keywords can be collected to plan the recruitment beforehand.

    And if in the following process suitable candidates are generated, a diagnostic view to their values and behavioral preferences are helpful, to analyze overlapping and discrepancies to the ideal profile and to work out certain development topics. In the later process these personnel development methods can be helpful to the boarding of the new employee.

  • Personnel Development

    A company can only be strong if it has the right people in the right place. When working with existing staff, personnel diagnostic methods can therefore be used sense-fully: For the purposes of Personnel Development they help to place executives and manage personnel most efficiently and to strengthen their sustainable commitment to the company.

    We support our customers in particular with additions in personal assessment at the semi-annual or annual appraisal interview and to figure out talents and development themes. When employees and managers conjoin to reflect the last year and set goals for the coming year, it is useful to add carrying out a diagnostic analysis. Hereby you can define the status quo, and you can compare it to the status of the previous year in a systematic way. In addition, the analysis provides an opportunity to identify potential areas for development, not used talent as well as stressors and motivators of the employee.

    Even if employees want to change within the organization, it is useful to take personal assessment tools to help: You can check to what extent the behavior of the employee fits the requirements of the new task.

  • Team Development

    The composition of teams in the workplace is a key criteria for the success of an enterprises. A balanced mix of several complementary personalities prevents the occurrence of blind spots in a department and the one-dimensional execution of given tasks. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses: in balanced teams the strengths are strengthened and the weaknesses are no longer obstacles.

    Roedel Recruitment Agency helps corporations  to make Team Development as efficient and sustainable as possible, with the optimization of existing teams as well as for the integration of new employees.